DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy

DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy was founded in 1999 to develop and market high-quality skin-care products. We are committed to advancing the practical science of skin care. Every product we sell is precisely formulated from scientifically proven ingredients in our own on-site laboratory. All products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed worldwide from our state-of-the-art Northern California facility. DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy products are paraben-free and we do not conduct animal testing. We invite you to explore our comprehensive clinical products and programs, and to introduce you to a results-oriented professional skincare line.

actively restores skin's youth, reducing wrinkleIntroducing Stem Cell 3D Complex.
The revolutionary formula is the most advanced anti-aging product to be introduced since the neuropeptide. Stem Cell 3D Complex, which uses biotech marine and botanical stem cell technology, powerful peptides and lighteners, and potent antioxidants actively restores skin's youth, reducing wrinkle depth by 15 percent in just 20 days.

DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy
All DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy products are developed, manufactured, packaged, and distributed from our 65,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Hayward, California. This allows us to control each step of the process and produce consistent quality for you and your clients.

DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy's President and Lead Chemist Sam Dhatt is also the CEO of a highly respected manufacturing company and is given access to new, high-performance ingredients with greater efficacy before competitors in the market. This permits the immediate utilization of new ingredients in the development of the DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy product line.

DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy employs a team of exceptional on-site chemists, eliminating the use of subcontractors and their additional fees. This controls the process from formulation through final distribution, which allows us to provide the latest ingredient technologies at reasonable costs.

Layering Technology
Sam Dhatt's 20-year career and ingredient experience has helped us realize that maximum results depend on the layering of individual products specifically designed to perform a particular function. This layering approach allows each product to work to its highest potential.

Sam Dhatt's experience manufacturing products for over 700 skincare companies allows optimal clinical ingredient percentages to be used in each DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy product. Our products are paraben-free and we do not conduct animal testing.

Educational Advisors
Estheticians, Educators, and Account Executives are available to answer your questions and support you in working with our clinical products.

DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy
Balancing and pre-conditioning the skin is essential for maintaining the integrity of the skin. Maximum success is achieved by building the strength of the skin to better tolerate future, more aggressive results-oriented programs. DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy's Philosophy of Care provides outstanding long-term results that can be achieved without unnecessary irritation and discomfort through a balanced life cycle of treatment:
  • Optimal levels of hydration, protection, and healing help prepare the skin for professional treatments.
  • Careful skin analysis and use of.specific client protocols are positive outcomes.
  • Daily use of prescribed home care products help ensure excellent long-term results.
  • Integrating professional and home care treatments through a well-defined program enhances treatment success and builds strong patient loyalty.

DermaQuest™ Skin TherapyDermaQuest™ Skin Therapy
Advanced B5 Serum
Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate, this excellent product is a dermal hydrator which holds 1000 times its molecular weight. It is easily recognized and accepted at the cellular level, allowing active ingredients to effectively penetrate the skin.

Collagen Activating Complex
This product imparts a natural, healthy glow with components including Actifirm TS, ASC III and support ingredients which maintain and reconstruct collagen by reorganizing and stimulating the dermal layer of the skin. Recommended for all skin types to maintain softness, firmness and elasticity. It is essential to create a healing environment for the skin when undergoing professional treatments and the Masters Products provide the skin with essential ingredients for proper pre and post professional care. Recommended for all skin types.

DermaQuest™ Skin TherapyDermaQuest™ Skin Therapy
Philosophy of Care
A comprehensive product line supported with high-performance ingredients such as Peptides, Kinetin, powerful antioxidants and AHA's. Our revolutionary anti-aging formulations prevent and reverse the signs of aging and establish a vibrant, more refined and youthful skin.

DermaQuest™ Skin TherapyDermaQuest™ Skin Therapy
Philosophy of Care
Formulated exclusively for acne-prone skin, this product line is saturated with anti-bacterial agents, Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide and AHA's that target and treat problematic skin. These effective performance ingredients promote exfoliation and eliminate the P. acnes bacteria, resulting in a smoother, clearer complexion.

DermaQuest™ Skin TherapyDermaQuest™ Skin Therapy
Philosophy of Care
A line of support products designed to enhance both professional and home care treatment results. These products include treatments for Rosacea, hyperpigmentation, advanced hydration and sun protection.
RX Skin Lab preferred product Vendors LED Light Therapy is the use of light to create an anti-aging effect on the skin. Permanent Cosmetics, or Permanent Makeup, is the revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. the most advanced anti-aging product skin rejuvenation Advanced Professional Skincare