Nouveau Contour
Nouveau Contour is a global company headquartered in the city of Weert Holland and exports to many countries around the world, including Europe, the United States, Canada and the Far East. Thousands of physicians, Estheticians and permanent cosmetic technicians daily experience the advantages of the Nouveau Contour System and realize its superior results.


The Intelligent provides the practitioner with state-of-the-art computerized technology. It is equipped and controlled by an Intel microprocessor "chip". The Intelligent's central processing unit offerst the most advanced features, which allow for the selection of pre-programmed settings for various procedures, i.e. eyebrow, eyeliner, lip color and medical procedures. The Intelligent was designed to assist the practitioner in distinguishing between the varying areas of application, i.e. eyes, lips, eyebrows and medical. Software installed in the central processing unit, the operating system of the Intelligent, consistently calculates the best needle frequency (speed) needed to achieve optimal pigment retention. Skin structure varies according to the location, because the structure and tolerance of the skin is different for each area of application.
The Intelligent provides the practitioner with state-of-the-art computerized technology
  • The first computerized Permanent Cosmetics device
  • High power for cosmetic and medical procedures
  • Individual program settings for each area of application
  • Automatic needle frequency adjustment
  • Maximum needle speed of 180 insertions per second
  • Consistent needle frequency, despite resistance of skin
  • Minimal trauma to the skin: all needle punctures are consistent
  • Excellent results in less time
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Can be used with or without foot pedal

The Patented* Nouveau Contour Needle Cartridge System

The Patented Nouveau Contour Needle Cartridge SystemThe Nouveau Contour needle cartridges are especially designed to achieve the same quality throughout the entire procedure. Even at the end of the procedure, the points of the needles are in the exact position as at the beginning of the procedure. Nouveau Contour guarantees quality every time.

Tests have proven that the risk of cross contamination with traditional machines due to possible backflow of liquids and circulation of contaminated air within the hand-piece is not just possible, but likely. For thesafety of both the technician and the client, the Nouveau Contour Needle Cartridge System works unlike anything on the market today. The needle and the needle "tube" are integrated in one disposable cartridge system. Internal diaphragms halt and prevent fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the hand piece, which is therefore completely independent of the disposable cartridge. The system is therefore void of any possibility of cross-contamination. When the cartridge is detached from the hand piece the needle automatically retracts back into the cartridge, preventing an accidental "stick" to the technician, or client.

We take the guess work out of Choosing colors!

Nouveau Contour Pigments are manufactured under the same rigorous standards as its equipment. Stringent quality control procedures guarantee only the best, highest quality colorants are used. All pigments are assessed for their chemical composition, microbiological contaminations, chemical structure, crystal form, color density, granular density, colorfastness and purity.

Color Density and Retention is the Key!
Nouveau Contour uses a special manufacturing process to achieve a highly concentrated pigment color. The color palette is composed to achieve natural long lasting results.
RX Skin Lab preferred product Vendors LED Light Therapy is the use of light to create an anti-aging effect on the skin. Permanent Cosmetics, or Permanent Makeup, is the revolutionary method of depositing hypoallergenic mineral pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. the most advanced anti-aging product skin rejuvenation Advanced Professional Skincare